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Getting started

Around template you are currently viewing is a Static HTML (Bootstrap 5) Temaplate, NOT a WordPress Theme!

Do not attempt to install Around files in WordPress, as it will not be successful.


Make sure you are familiar with the following technologies before purchasing Around HTML Template:

  • HTML / CSS / JS (required)
  • Bootstrap 5 (required)
  • Sass / Scss (highly recommended). Customizing a template is significantly easier when using SCSS variables instead of searching and replacing code within plain CSS.
  • Npm (optional)*. Npm is a robust package manager designed for Node.js. With Npm, you can handle essential tasks such as installing, updating, and deleting project dependencies. Additionally, npm includes a valuable feature known as "npm scripts," which simplifies the execution of repetitive tasks like minification, compilation, unit testing, linting, and more.

* All the configuration files like package.json are included in the download package. The list of all configuration files and their purpose you will find in the corresponding article Configuration files.

Next steps

There are 2 ways of customizing Around template:

  1. Using Pro Front-end Setup (highly recommended)
  2. Editing CSS directly or using VS Code plugin Live Sass Compiler to compile Scss